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Suggested Reading

“Mycorrhizal Planet”, “The Holistic Orchard” and “The Apple Grower” by Michael Phillips http://www.groworganicapples.com/home.php

The Grafters Handbook” by R. J. Garner

Rodale’s Guide to Organic Growing” by Rodale Press

Fruit, Nut and Berry Inventory” by Seed Savers Exchange http://www.seedsavers.org/

Organic Orcharding” by Gene Logsdon

Any book or article by Alex Shigo


Arborists working in Northern New Mexico

Ben Wright; 575-770-8454

Boris McCutcheon; 505-316-2332

Paul Bryan Jones; 575-741-0868; pbjtrees@gmail.com



Watershed Artisans
For the Love of Bees

NAFEX-North American Fruit Explorers

NMSU-Horticultural publications listing

Plants of the Southwest

USDA Plant Zone Hardiness Map

Fedco Seeds and Trees

International Society of Arborculture tree planting and care guidelines

RAFT -a program of Slow Foods to promote the preservation of heirloom foods in America

Photos and video clips from Forgotten Fruits Summit in Madison, WI in March 2009

Article about Tooley’s Trees

A man who planted trees on You Tube