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Suggested Reading

“Mycorrhizal Planet”, “The Holistic Orchard” and “The Apple Grower” by Michael Phillips http://www.groworganicapples.com/home.php

The Grafters Handbook” by R. J. Garner

Rodale’s Guide to Organic Growing” by Rodale Press

Fruit, Nut and Berry Inventory” by Seed Savers Exchange http://www.seedsavers.org/

Organic Orcharding” by Gene Logsdon

Any book or article by Alex Shigo


Arborists working in Northern New Mexico

Ben Wright; 575-770-8454

Boris McCutcheon; 505-316-2332

Paul Bryan Jones; 575-741-0868; pbjtrees@gmail.com



Watershed Artisans
For the Love of Bees

NAFEX-North American Fruit Explorers

NMOCC-New Mexico Organic Commodities Commission

NMSU-Horticultural publications listing

Permaculture Institute

Plants of the Southwest

USDA Plant Zone Hardiness Map

Fedco Seeds and Trees

International Society of Arborculture tree planting and care guidelines

RAFT -a program of Slow Foods to promote the preservation of heirloom foods in America

Photos and video clips from Forgotten Fruits Summit in Madison, WI in March 2009

Soil Fertility Testing -the lab we use

Article about Tooley’s Trees

A man who planted trees on You Tube