“The health and well-being of mankind depends first on the fertility of the soil.”
– P. A. Yeomans


We do Keyline design, no till drill and land imprinting treatments and seeding of a mix of revegetation species, both annual and perennial, focusing on the uplands above critical areas. The sites that would benefit most from this type of treatment have a number of conditions in common with each other. The native grasses that are present there are producing seed. The terracettes and pedestals that are caused by wind and water erosion have removed the possibility for higher germination rates of the seed that holds the soils.

The keyline plowing and imprinting will break up the patterns where wind and water concentrate, and stimulate the grasses that are over rested, over grazed and in stasis. This treatment will increase the percolation of water into the soil by the implementation of keylines. This will create the environment for the grasses to germinate and re-establish which in turn creates filters of vegetation which reduce the ill effects of wind and water and create a beneficial perimeter.


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    Tooley’s three-part system allows him to make one pass with the tractor to achieve three tasks (deep plowing, seeding and imprinting), saving time and reducing soil compaction from the weight of the tractor.

    Photos by Esha Chiocchio