Most of our fruit trees are at Plants of the Southwest in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, but we have more apples and pears that we will deliver to them when they are ready.

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Tooley’s Trees has closed its retail nursery but are still wholesaling to Plants of the Southwest. We farm in Truchas, NM, on the highroad between Santa Fe and Taos, at 7,960’. Focusing on varieties that are drought tolerant and adapted to high pH, we grow species trees, shrubs, and grafted fruits. However, you still need to water your trees for them to thrive! We grow our trees and shrubs in native soil in fabric bags and root maker pots. Our stock is grown with organic methods and we practice holistic orchard management. It is time consuming and labor intensive, but results in healthier plants, soils, water quality and beneficial insect populations.

We have many heirloom and uncommon varieties of grafted apples, and some pears. Some of them may be new to you but are an opportunity for you to grow varieties that have all but disappeared from our markets. Our grafts are on rootstocks carefully selected to match climate and soil types in this area. Our species trees and shrubs are easy to care for and will provide screening, habitat and food for wildlife and yourself.

We believe in selling small caliper trees with well-developed root systems. The fabric root bags we plant in are key factors in building a fibrous root structure. Smaller caliper trees establish more quickly with less transplant shock, and grow more vigorously in difficult sites than large caliper trees.

Watch Gordon plant a tree in our orchard!

We are no longer open as a retail nursery. You can find our stock at Plants of the Southwest in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.