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Fall 2018



We  are now closed for the winter. You can still email or call though!

Many of you have asked us about buying bareroot trees.  We are moving out of bareroot sales into methods that are less work for us. We put our new grafts directly into 3 gallon fabric root bags in the spring and have a constantly changing inventory ready of those.

Please water your trees and shrubs this winter! Its hard to say how often- it depends on how well your soil holds moisture and how much precipitation we get. Dig down a few inches with your hand or a trowel. If the soil is still moist, you can wait a few days and check again. Its ok to let them get a little dry between waterings.

Also, be sure to install fencing to protect from rodents: 1/4″ hardware mesh in a circle around the trunk of the tree, and for larger predators like deer, elk, bear, cows: large rings of field fencing or perimeter fencing.

Thanks and lets all hope for some great precipitation this winter!

Margaret & Gordon

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