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Spring 2020

We are only open by appointment for picking up pre-orders right now. We are taking appointments for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8 to 11 am and 1 to 4 pm. Our inventory for spring 2020 is very limited so please give us as specific a list of what you are looking for as you can.We will update the website as often as we can, as our availability changes.

We are grafting trees, planting inventory for late summer availability, growing food and preparing to use newspaper for TP, the best use for bad news.  We are curious about how this tribe will adapt, hopefully for the better holistically, environmentally, and commercially.  What an instantaneous planetary change.

Peace and Thanks for your support, Gordon and Margaret


You can always email info@tooleystrees.com or call 505-689-2400(land line- no texts please)

Please continue to water your trees and shrubs this spring! Its hard to say how often- it depends on how well your soil holds moisture and how much precipitation we get. Dig down a few inches with your hand or a trowel. If the soil is still moist, you can wait a few days and check again. Its ok to let them get a little dry between waterings.

Also, be sure to install fencing to protect from rodents: 1/4″ hardware mesh in a circle around the trunk of the tree, and for larger predators like deer, elk, bear, cows: large rings of field fencing or perimeter fencing. Trapping is the best control we have found for gophers.

Check out our apple chart!

Check out our  apple chart. It is intended to give you an overview of many of the apples we have to choose from.